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Our first Windows release is now available. We’re thrilled to bring a truly collaborative meeting experience to remote workers...

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July 23, 2019

We’ve “raised the house lights” so online meetings feel less like a stage performance and more like a fun and interactive improv show.

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Emojis help make your meetings more productive. Expressing yourself non-verbally lets you share opinions without interrupting the meeting.

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Presentations are great for broadcasting information, but they are definitely not collaborative.

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Emoji reactions in Rumpus is here, giving you a voice to participate, without disrupting the meeting flow.

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Rumpus can improve all your meetings. Shared cursors, annotations, and emoji reactions provide valuable feedback whenever you present.

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Big news! We’ve added support for Cisco Webex to its Rumpus meeting application for collaborative screen sharing.


Serial entrepreneur and tech investor, Brad Feld, shares his thoughts on how he uses Rumpus.

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Rumpus makes for extraordinary content-rich meetings no matter which video-conferencing app you choose.

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Meet on Your Terms

April 9, 2019

Now you can Rumpus with any conferencing app. A BlueJeans account is no longer a requirement to host a meeting.

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Ready to Rumpus

March 18, 2019

We want to live in a world where working together when we’re apart is as nuanced, effective, and fun as being in the same room together.

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Hello, Rumpus.

February 13, 2019

At Oblong, our passion for the products we build has always come from a conviction around the power and potential of new UI.

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