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Share multiple screens at the same time

Get your team more involved by removing the barriers to showing their work. Maximize knowledge sharing and minimize disruptions.


Video conferencing integration

Sign in with your BlueJeans credentials for a unified communications and content sharing experience. Webex integration is coming soon.


Bring your
own tools

Use Rumpus alongside your preferred meeting tool. Dial into or join your meeting to communicate, and launch Rumpus to share screens and collaborate.


Focus attention
with cursors

Communicate more effectively by sharing cursors. Highlight or specify details by pointing at and annotating on top of content.


Collaborative Screen Sharing

Work together on an open and even playing field

Share stack

Bounce around ideas and get the whole picture

Rumpus is the only application that lets everyone in the meeting browse and share their screens all at the same time.

Hover over to easily switch between shared screens with the share stack


Show others what's important to you

Shared cursors and markup tools allow you to emphasize and clarify what’s important to you.

Viewer badges

See who's looking at your content

Viewer badges show you who’s looking at what to help you manage your team’s attention.

Easy to learn, exciting to use

Get to know the Rumpus interface

Copy Meeting Link
Invite others to your meeting.
Share Your Screen
Share your screen any time.
Point and Annotate
Draw attention to content.
Share Stack
Shared screens from anyone.
Viewer Badges
See who’s looking at the same thing you are.
Video Conference
Integrated video to see who’s talking.

the rumpus is starting

Windows support and much more are coming soon. Sign up for product updates and be the first to know when we’re launching on Windows.

Rumpus requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later. Windows support and much more are coming soon. Sign up for product updates.

Rumpus is now available for Mac OS X 10.10 or later. Sign up below for a download link to install Rumpus on Mac laptop or desktop.

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the rumpus starts now

Rumpus is now available as a public beta. Try it with your team today.

Download Rumpus, It's Free