Bringing Extra to Ordinary

team oblong
April 15, 2019

Rumpus makes for extraordinary content-rich meetings no matter which video-conferencing app you choose.

Rumpus provides virtual teams with the means to share screens all together all at once. It gives you the tools room to be expressive, to be yourself, to be human. And it works alongside whatever audio and video conferencing apps you already use.

Think about how your audio and video conference calls could be better. Would it be better if you could really see what he/she is pointing at or talking about? Or stream your screen too so that everyone can click over to see your data point? Or react in real time without disrupting the conversation flow of the group call? Or have the confidence that you and your collaborators are understanding the whole picture?

We’re in the beta stage of making this happen for you and for all of us. Journalists at VentureBeat, TechRepublic, AV News, ZDNet, and Technology Business Today are already buzzing about it.

With Rumpus, everyone can come together with the stuff they’re working on from wherever they are, share screens simultaneously (without disrupting each other’s ability to share!) and use some new tools for those social cues that are missing from most online meetings. This is going to help you and your team advance the conversation, be more productive, and arrive at more informed outcomes. Rumpus provides a kind of synchronicity in online meetings that is impossible to get most any other way.

You don’t even need to switch conference call service providers to use Rumpus. Basically, you can just BYOB to Rumpus: bring your own bridge. (Bridge is a geeky term from the unified communications industry that simply means a conference call connection between several locations.) Some people already have preferred conferencing suppliers for connecting to far-flung colleagues in real time. Maybe you do, too? Hundreds exist to help you make a connection from vendors like Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, and even audio-only services like

What these common solutions lack is easy and simultaneous content-sharing capabilities, or the added layer of focus and sociability. Starting today you can use Rumpus to make all of those regular conference calls and online meetings more content-rich, productive, and dare we say: fun.

With Rumpus, you can now meet on your own terms. If you’ve got a Mac you can download the app and get started today for FREE. Windows support (and so much more) is coming soon.

So let’s get to Rumpusing.