Emoji reactions in Rumpus is here, giving you a voice to participate, without disrupting the meeting flow.

Express yourself through emojis 😀

team oblong
June 11, 2019

Speaking up in meetings can be uncomfortable. Sometimes it just never seems right to interrupt. Emoji reactions in Rumpus give you a voice so you can participate without worrying about disrupting the flow.

Sharing an emoji reaction is easy. Just click the emoji icon at the top of the screen and select one to share. It will instantly appear above your viewer badge. As with screen sharing, anyone can share an emoji at any time. To limit distraction, your emoji reactions will only be visible for a few seconds and will then fade away.

You can now express encouragement, agreement, or confusion. You can raise your hand. You can convey simple human expressions like “Goodbye” and “Be right back.” You can now do all of this without disrupting the meeting and risking those awkward moments when we speak over each other.

Emojis are also especially useful if you have to mute your microphone and camera. As “video-first” as we aspire to be, there are often very good reasons to join an online meeting and go on mute. Maybe you just woke up and you don’t look as presentable as you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to spare co-workers the distractions of your environment. Just because you’re muted, however, doesn’t mean you should be barred from participating in the meeting.

Facial expressions and gestures are critical to how we communicate with each other and build social connections. Emoji reactions can help restore some of the powerful non-verbal cues we lost when we started collaborating virtually.  

Happy Rumpusing!