Meet on Your Terms

team oblong
April 9, 2019

We want everyone to enjoy online meetings that are more engaging and effective.

Our BlueJeans integration is a seamless way to experience Rumpus. You can communicate with your team and focus on content with ease. Share multiple screens, see each other’s cursors, jointly annotate content, and easily transition between speaking with your colleagues or collaborating with the content they are sharing.

But what if you're not a BlueJeans user? What if you still rely on audio calls for your meetings?

Starting today, you can Rumpus with any conferencing app. A BlueJeans account is no longer a requirement to host a meeting. If you have a conferencing solution you prefer, you can now use it in parallel with Rumpus. You can even set yourself up for one-click meetings. We’re working to integrate more conferencing solutions directly into the Rumpus UI. But there is no need to wait.

Three Ways to Rumpus

1. Bring your own call

Dial or join your audio or video call and then start Rumpus. Use the call for communication and use Rumpus for content sharing and collaboration. You can share and explore Rumpus content the same way you might join a call and then view a document that was emailed in advance of the meeting.

2. One-click meetings

For convenience, share your personal meeting link with Rumpus to enable one-click meetings. Whether you use Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, or Hangouts Meet, Rumpus will create a custom meeting link for you. It will launch both your conferencing tool, and Rumpus, so you can easily join and use both in tandem.

3. Embedded video conferencing

BlueJeans support is already built into the Rumpus UI. See your colleagues and their content, cursors, and annotations in a unified experience. Webex integration is coming soon with more options to follow. Let us know which conferencing solution you’d like to see work within Rumpus next.

Happy Rumpusing!