RIP "Death by Powerpoint"

team oblong
June 18, 2019

Let's face it. Most of your meetings are still just glorified presentations. Presentations are great for broadcasting information, but they are definitely not collaborative.

Yet somehow we’ve become trapped in a vicious cycle of going to meetings where we’re expected to collaborate and what do we do? We endure yet another presentation, collaborate very little, and schedule a follow-up meeting to do actual work. Repeat.

A major reason why “Death by PowerPoint” continues to claim victims is that presentations inhibit collaboration. Presenting in online meetings is particularly deadly. It’s a lot like performing on stage. You have the mic and the spotlight, but you’re also blinded by the spotlight. You have no idea if the audience is engaged. If you’re in the audience, you have no way of interacting without interrupting the performance. And if you do interact, the spotlight turns on you. This is not the kind of environment that nurtures teamwork.

What if we could make presenting in online meetings more like an improv show? What if we could cross the divide between the presenter and the audience and give them tools to interact with one another?

Well, we’ve done it. When you present content in Rumpus, Rumpus comes to you. See what your team is thinking, how they're reacting, and who is following along right from your shared app, all in real-time.

What your colleague’s see in Rumpus

What you see when sharing an application window

You are no longer just presenting and your team is no longer just listening (or worse, multi-tasking). If a colleague has a question, they can raise their hand with an emoji. If you ask your team for feedback, they can share a thumbs up or down. If anything requires emphasis or specificity, anyone can share their cursor and focus the team’s attention.

“Death by PowerPoint” is dead. Long live collaboration.

Happy Rumpusing!