Turn Presentations into Collaborations

Rumpus Overlay

Dave Kung
July 23, 2019

Whenever I have to present in an online meeting, it feels like I’m performing on stage. I can’t see how the audience is reacting or if they’re even paying attention. The only time I receive any feedback is at the end of my monologue. This is a scary and lonely experience that runs counter to my goal of collaborating with my team. Similarly, when I’m watching a presentation shared online, I’m only a spectator. There’s no way to communicate with the speaker without interrupting and turning the spotlight on myself.

We created the Rumpus Overlay to remove this divide between a presenter and their audience. We’ve “raised the house lights” so online meetings feel less like a stage performance and more like a fun and interactive improv show.

When you share your screen with Rumpus, we overlay your shared screen or window with elements of the Rumpus UI. You can now see viewer badges, cursors, annotations, and emoji reactions where you need them most–over the content you’re presenting. This is a vast improvement over how screen sharing works in online meetings today. In most tools, sharing your screen takes you away from your video call, and the only means of interaction is interrupting the presentation. 

The Rumpus Overlay transforms your content from a presentation into a true conversation starter. You can ask for feedback and your team can respond with emoji reactions👍. If someone has a question, they can signal you ✋ without barging in on the call. Anyone can share their cursor and annotate content to help get their point across. Your team is free to express opinions, empathy, or affirmation at any time. These shared expressions build and reinforce the human connections critical to team building and team success. Use the Rumpus Overlay the next time you’re presenting in Rumpus and experience a more interactive and social way to collaborate.

Happy Rumpusing!