Webex Comes To Rumpus

team oblong
May 30, 2019

We’ve just added support for Cisco Webex to Rumpus. Your Webex video call is now fully integrated into the Rumpus user interface. Share multiple screens at the same time without having to stop the meeting to compete for presentation control. With Cisco Webex integration in Rumpus, you never have to “pass the ball” ever again.

Hosting a Rumpus with Webex is as easy as selecting Cisco Webex as your meeting app and signing in with your Cisco credentials. We will create a Rumpus meeting link just for you to share with your team. With a single click, you will all be communicating with best-in-class audio and video from Webex and collaborating like never before through Rumpus. 

In addition to sharing screens at the same time, Webex users collaborating through Rumpus can share cursors and annotate over each other’s content. Viewer badges show you who’s looking at what to help you manage your team’s attention. Emoji reactions are right around the corner to help teams provide instant feedback to each other without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

We’re excited to have Webex join Rumpus. If you’re a BlueJeans user, you’ve already experienced a new way of working and connecting with your team. If you’re not a Webex or BlueJeans user, or if you use audio conferencing for most of your meetings, you can always host a screen share only meeting with Rumpus.

Download the app now to start adding new content streams to your online meetings.

Happy Rumpusing!